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I perceive Architecture as the purest form of social Art; where heritage and visionary, where tradition and cultural plurality, where individual and collective, transcend into spatial form and functionality


OMA is a provider of comprehensive building and interior design, engineering, fit-out and related consulting services to a broad range of markets including residential, retail, hospitality, corporate, government, education and landscape.


Omar Moujaes Architect was formed in 1986 as a regional office in Dubai that has established a reputation for versatile and visionary Architecture. Its guiding principle is that knowledge is as critical to great design as creativity.



The deep knowledge that comes from experience and research – enables us to harness creativity in ways that deliver exceptional value to clients. Creativity in turn derives us to explore, question and continuously advance our understanding of how the built environment influences human behavior – and how buildings and their systems impact the natural environment. The fusion of expertise and creativity creates a powerful dynamic that enriches human experience.

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